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In 2014, the Pew Research Center estimated that nearly 90 percent of all Americans have automobiles. In 2017, a local California paper wrote that there are more people on the roads who are driving longer distances than ever before. The paper also reported that “lighter vehicles” such as sports utility vehicles (SUV), vans, and pickup trucks were purchased at higher rates than sedans and other, heavier, sturdier vehicles. Just this year, World Population Review, an organization that culls its information from United Nations reports, the United States Census Bureau, and other sources, listed Orange County, California as the third largest county in the Golden State.

Why all the facts and figures, you may be wondering?  Well, they all speak to, and numerically highlight the fact, that there are an inordinate amount of vehicles on the roads in Orange County. Statistically speaking, the more drivers there are on the roads, the higher the congestion, the greater the risk of road rage incidents, and the greater the likelihood of car accidents.

Causes of Car Accidents in Orange County

There are a number of reasons why there is such a proliferation of car accidents, and by extension, the need for a knowledgeable and effective car accident lawyer in Orange County, California.

Mechanical Failure

Cars, like any other machine or piece of equipment we use day in and day out, are subject to heavy wear and tear. Proper car maintenance, timely repairs, adherence to the rules of the road,  and operation of your car that is in line with the manufacturer’s intended vehicular use, are all ideal ways to keep your car working optimally.

On occasion, mechanical failures occur even when cars are properly maintained. More often however, mechanical failures arise in the absence of proper maintenance. The most frequently reported malfunctions and breakdowns that lead to car accidents include tire damage, worn out brakes and brake pads, problems with the transmission, suspension, and steering, as well as engine problems. The best way to keep these problems at bay is to take care of your car and drive it like a commuter and not a racecar driver.

Texting While Driving

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous, yet the allure of our phones draws many of us in, despite our better judgement, at red lights, stop signs, and even when we are driving. The way we rationalize texting and driving is by oversimplifying how dangerous the behavior is, while simultaneously exaggerating our driving skills.

Most states have laws on the books that prohibit distracted driving, with specific bans implemented against the use of handheld, as well as hands- free, phones. Penalties for texting while driving in California start at $20 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent ones. Clearly, these penalties, including the very real risk of hurting or killing someone, appeal to us far less than the accessibility of content on our phones.

Driving Under the Influence

It should go without saying that driving while high or drunk is foolishly dangerous. Unfortunately, there are still people who push this illegal boundary and cause utter mayhem on the roads. It is of import to note that driving on too little sleep can cause the same brain fog and dangerous road conditions as driving while drunk. Additionally, operating a vehicle after taking prescription medication, that has a side effect of drowsiness, even if taken as directed, is also considered driving under the influence. When in doubt, or groggy, do not drive.


Hazardous weather features heavily in the number of car accidents that are regularly reported. Between rain soaked roads, earthquakes, bright sunlight that can inhibit visibility, and even the occasional Southern California snowstorm, the weather in Orange County is definitely something with which to contend.


The Orange County Public Works department informs the public of forthcoming construction, the progress of ongoing repairs, and tries to keep the county abreast of rerouted traffic, road closures, and other construction projects.

Despite these updates, available online and through a number of social media apps,  we are creatures of habit and often drive as if on autopilot. This form of distracted driving can lead to accidents, rollovers, construction worker deaths, and in the case of an active earthquake, horrific devastation.

What You Should Do if You Are in a Car Accident in Orange County, CA?

No matter the reason a car accident occurs, it is vital, and in everyone’s best interests despite the frenetic energy that is sure to surround you, to stay calm. We know that that is far easier said than done, but when you think about it, runaway anxiety and panic never help any situation.

Your immediate next step should be calling emergency personnel by dialing 911. This is not the time to worry about your medical insurance or the interview you had scheduled for that day. It is for your physical, emotional, and even financial benefit to allow yourself to be taken to the hospital for a thorough, post-accident evaluation. Additionally, it is just as important that you follow through with the medical advice you are given by emergency medical staff at the scene and thereafter.

The Physical, Emotional, and Financial Consequences of a Car Accident in Orange County

Your car accident lawyer in Orange County is aware of the physical, emotional, financial, and legal concerns these events bring with them. There is trauma, fear, anxiety, and physical pain and injury that you are likely to face after experiencing such a harrowing accident. That is why it is so very important that you secure the services of a qualified car accident lawyer that is familiar with the unique nature of the OC and can help you get the best settlement and support possible.

When You Need to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Orange County

Your safety, no matter who or what caused your car accident or where it occurred, is the number one priority. Your recuperation and subsequent post- accident care will be a lot to handle, independent of the legal and financial issues that are sure to abound. That is why it is crucial that you communicate with a car accident lawyer in Orange County as soon as possible after your accident has occurred. You deserve the best legal support and advocacy at all times, but that much more after experiencing a trauma of this magnitude.

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