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what is needed to make own personal injury claim
  November 29, 2017|  0 comments|  By admin

Personal injury settlements are based on facts. Feelings can be facts if the feelings are part of an injury (emotional... (Read more)

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Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers
  November 7, 2017|  0 comments|  By admin

  Accident victims sometimes consider settling their own injury claims. That might make sense when the injury involved bumps and... (Read more)

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car accident whiplash
  October 30, 2017|  0 comments|  By admin

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, it is important to get a physical... (Read more)

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woman getting rescued from car accident
  September 17, 2017|  0 comments|  By admin

Getting injured in a car accident is a significant event. Not only is it traumatic from a physical and emotional... (Read more)

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