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If you’re a parent, child, grandpa, dog, or any other living being, you’ve become aware of the hoverboard: Orange County’s strangely popular gift for Christmas, 2015.

The hoverboard should be familiar to you. Young people all over asked for, and seemingly received, these strange light-up toys that allow them to slowly ride around without any physical effort whatsoever.

You may have seen one of the advertisements, or maybe you’ve seen a popular media figure riding one. Whatever caused the craze, hoverboards were opened everywhere on Christmas, and injuries are already starting to pile up.

Funny at First…

It’s hard to argue that someone doing something dangerous that results in minor injuries isn’t funny from time to time, as is evidenced by the numerous initial videos that have been released of people using their brand new hoverboards.

Unfortunately, not all of these injuries are minor. We are not going to include them here, but if you take a look around the internet, you will find videos of people suffering seemingly serious injuries while using these hoverboards.

Some might say that these injuries are a result of people who are “being dumb”; they argue that these people are getting hurt because of their own stupidity, which is their own fault and no one else’s. This may be true in some cases, but whether or not it is true for hoverboard injuries will likely be debated in a court of law in the near future.

Defective Products? Hoverboards Acting Strange

People falling off of hoverboards and hurting themselves isn’t the only threat facing hoverboard manufacturers. Some hoverboards have been reported to burst into flames, and images of such (although unverified) have been popping up all over the internet.

To bolster claims that hoverboards are dangerous because they can potentially burst into flames, lawsuits have been filed claiming that hoverboards are responsible for doing just that in specific cases.

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Stupid People or Negligent Manufacturers?

The argument that people should be able to use a product without hurting themselves by using their common sense is a valid one, but does it apply to amateur hoverboard users? That depends.

In California, and throughout the United States, those who produce products are expected to make sure that those products are reasonably safe when used. For some products, those who use them are expected to be aware that they are taking on some level of risk.

If hoverboards create injuries or death as a result of a defect that could and should have been prevented, manufacturers may be held liable for medical expenses as well as other damages.

If it is determined that those who use hoverboards do so believing they are completely safe, due to the manufacturer’s advertising, this could make things difficult for the manufacturers as well.

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