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If you’ve been searching for a personal injury lawyer, your search is over. Timothy J. Ryan and Associates are proud to bring you this list of the top personal injury lawyers in each state to help you and yours during your time of need.

Asking your friends and family for recommendations is an excellent way to start your search process, but it should not be the only step you take before making your decision. The more people you can ask, the better informed your decision will be. Consulting this list is similar to asking every client a lawyer has ever represented for their opinion.

This list was mostly compiled using data from the website Avvo. Avvo ranks lawyers on a scale of 1 to 10. Nobody was considered for this list unless they had a rating of at least 9 or “superb” on Avvo.

Avvo’s rating system isn’t perfect, but it does take into consideration a number of factors that many believe are important when deciding on which personal injury attorney is right for them. They take into account a lawyer’s experience, professional achievements and any disciplinary sanctions they may have had. All of this and more information is collected from public records, directories, or straight from the lawyers themselves, and then weighed by Avvo’s mathematical model to give a final score. This mathematical model keeps everything relatively fair and unbiased, regardless of who the lawyer in question is.

That’s only part of what Avvo does, however. They also allow clients to post reviews of attorneys as well as give lawyers a chance to recommend other lawyers. Because Avvo’s mathematical model does not allow for consideration of things like personality and courtroom presence, we relied heavily on these reviews and recommendations in making the list. After all, you need a lawyer you feel comfortable with who can take charge of a courtroom and plead your case.

You might be asking yourself why a law firm in California would be publishing a list of the best personal injury lawyers in other states. While this list is available to everybody and we hope that it does prove useful to readers all over the country, we remain focused on the residents of California.

This list is especially designed for any resident of California who has suffered personal injury in another state and would like to pursue a claim. If a settlement cannot be reached, the claim will go to court in the state in which the injury occurred. For that, you will need a lawyer who is licensed to practice in that state.

Even if it was not required for you to hire an attorney who has passed the bar in the state the injury took place in, it would still be in your best interest to do so. Each state handles its claims court a little different and you will see the best results with a lawyer who is familiar with that state’s laws.

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