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“Mr. Ryan was so nice and he made me feel comfortable even when I was stressed about my car. After my accident, I was worried I would have to pay out of pocket for some stuff but everything was taken care of, even my hospital bill, which was pretty big. I’d recommend him to all of my friends and family.”

- Dr. Ryan

"A local favorite, I had no idea where to start when I got into my auto accident. It felt like my entire life was falling apart. My car was totaled, I was in so much pain & the insurance companies didn’t even seem to care. The smartest decision I made was calling the Law Offices of Timothy J. Ryan and Associates. He has such a caring staff and he was so concerned and aggressive towards my case. He got me what I deserved. I hope I never get into another accident again but if I do, I know who I’m gonna call or highly recommended.”

“I want to say THANK YOU TIM, to you and your whole team. We’ve had a chance now to work together on several cases and I have to give your whole office a huge compliment. It’s clear you are top-notch organization. It’s great to have such a professional office to be able to send out injured patients. You guys are great.”

- Dr. Reardon

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