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Hit and Run Involving Biker

This Sunday afternoon resulted in tragedy for a 22-year-old biker riding down South Louisiana Street, Block 300 when he was struck by a speeding car. The driver, later identified as 27-year-old Krysten Faith Garcia, left the victim at the scene of the crime. Garcia’s actions represent a troubling problem in San Diego County as this is just one of 3,200 people who suffered injuries from felony hit and runs within the last five years, resulting in 23 fatalities in 2014 alone.

San Diego police officials met the biker when dispatched to the scene of the crime. Upon arrival, the man complained of acute pain in the ribcage. However, no signs of visible injury were spotted when examined by officials from Emergency Medical Services.

San Diego Police Official Stephanie Cavazos reported that the victim was riding his bike when a four-door gold vehicle collided with him. According to the victim, Garcia’s speeding car collided with him, rolling him onto the windshield and eventually onto the street. The victim then reportedly stood up and yelled at the woman driving the car, but she fled from the scene. The victim also stated that Garcia was busy looking at her phone at the time of the collision.

Fortunately, the biker was in a position to spot the license plate of the offending vehicle, a Pontiac G6. It helped Police Officials to track down the suspected driver identified later as Krysten Faith Garcia, a 27-year-old woman. Officer Cavazos eventually travelled to Reforma Street, Block 500, where Garcia and her vehicle were found, reportedly showing evidence that Garcia was involved.

Once Officer Cavazo pulled Garcia over, she noted that there was a strong odor of marijuana and alcohol present in the vehicle. In addition, the officer reportedly spotted a 24 Oz. can of alcohol. Krysten Garcia, the suspected driver, reportedly pulled away when Police Officials tried to place her in handcuffs.

Police officials found a marijuana joint in Garcia’s vehicle after impounding it. Krysten was arrested, charged with resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, as well as hit and run, and later transferred to the Duval County Jail.

Hit and run offenses in San Diego County have been steadily increasing. The figures have become a cause for concern and there is currently no recognized reason for why instances of hit and run are on the rise. Although many times the offender is uninsured or unlicensed, the reasons for these offenses differ from cases to case.

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