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Following a car accident, dog bite, or any other personal injury, there are a lot of questions that victims and their families need answered. While a lot of the information needed to better understand certain concepts can be found online, we would be doing you a disservice if we did not stress the importance of obtaining information that is specific to your case and the circumstances that surround it.

There is no better way to evaluate your case than with a free case evaluation from a skilled attorney; a service that we provide to anyone that has suffered injuries in the state of California, or, when dealing with defective products, throughout the United States.

The following links are to resources we have created that may prove to be invaluable to victims throughout the course of their compensation process, but should not be relied upon in place of a reliable legal professional:


Property Damage Guide

Closed Head Injuries

Open Head Injuries

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

How Much Do Bicycle Accident Victims Receive in Compensation?

How Much Do Catastrophic Injury Victims Receive in Compensation?

How Much Do Dog Bite Victims Receive in Compensation?


In addition to our own resources, we have found that there are several other resources on the internet that may be especially useful to those who have recently suffered injuries as the result of someone else’s negligence. The following links are to resources for which we have not created and therefore do not take responsibility for any inaccurate information contained:

California Courts Online
Links for California Courts
California Office of Court Administration
Supreme Court of California
United States Court Locator
National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
@LA – the guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California


Need help with another type of law? Need assistance in another state? Take a look at our collection of miscellaneous resources that you can use to get some help. Please note that the following resources are not endorsed by Timothy J. Ryan & Associates. We do not take any responsibility for incorrect information or services rendered by the corresponding firms.


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Getting Victims The Result They Deserve

At Timothy J Ryan Associates., we are backed by winning results. Not only have we handled thousands of personal injury lawsuits, but more than 99% of them have been settled successfully—resulting in tens of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

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$4,500,000 Auto Crash