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Is It Safe to Keep Kids Around Pit Bulls?

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Is It Safe to Keep Kids Around Pit Bulls?
  March 23, 2016|  0 comments|  By jj

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 80 million pet dogs belonging to families everywhere – and while this number is large, it’s far from surprising. Think about how many dogs you see each day, and which kinds you see; if you’re out often, you likely see a number of dogs, from small teacup pups to larger, stronger dogs that could scare off even the most heinous of criminals.

One breed among all others stands out as the most controversial, due to its history of being bred for dog fighting purposes: the Pit Bull, or Pit Bull Terrier is one of the few breeds of dog that many families will avoid due to aggression.

While other large, common breeds of dogs can do extreme damage in the event of an attack, such as German Shepherds or Alaskan Malamutes, only Pit Bulls face extreme discrimination, and many families are concerned about what owning a Pit Bull could mean for them and their children.

Are Pit Bulls More Aggressive than Other Large Dogs?

While Pit Bulls are considered to be more aggressive than any other dog, the fact remains that there are no studies indicating that Pit Bulls exhibit any more human aggression than any other breed of dog. Human aggression is determined on a case by case basis, and there is as much chance for a Golden Retriever to exhibit human aggression as there is for a Pit Bull, meaning that those wishing to care for a dog should look at the traits of the animal individually, rather than counting out an entire breed due to their history.

When you are looking to adopt a dog, it’s important to ask the breeder or shelter employees what they know about the animal and its personality – if you’re looking for a Pit Bull, they will be sure to point you in the direction of those that are the most docile around humans. Mention that you have a child, so that the person helping you choose your new lifelong companion can help you decide on one which behaves well around children.

What Can I Do to Minimize Human Aggression Around Children?

Realistically, Pit Bulls are no more dangerous to keep around children than any other dog, however there are ways that you can limit the chance of an accident. Children typically touch dogs without asking permission, which can lead to disaster if done in a way that irritates the animal.

While children should always be instructed on the proper ways to touch and treat an animal, it’s important that they be watched keenly if they are around large, strong dogs – such as Pit Bulls.

Dog attacks on children often result in horrific injuries, which then require the dog that attacked to be “put down”. Attorneys that assist dog attack victims see the devastating effects these injuries have on children from a unique perspective. The best advice we can give is to be careful whenever your child is around any dog.

When walking your Pit Bull, be sure to keep it away from small children who may attempt to pet it roughly or annoy it in some way; it can take nothing more than a sudden tail pull for even the best-behaved dogs to become highly aggressive, meaning that children should not be allowed to touch large dogs without permission, or unsupervised. By ensuring that any children who see your dog are prevented from harassing it in anyway, you can help to prevent any sudden attacks outside of the home.

If you are concerned about the safety of children you have in the home, teach them proper behavior while they are young, so that they will grow to respect your Pit Bull. Think about some of the behaviors your child may exhibit when around a large animal, such as a Pit Bull: while some children treat animals very well, others have not yet learned the concept of animal welfare, and will exhibit behaviors that are sure to annoy the dog in question.

These behaviors can include riding the dog as if it’s a pony, pulling the dog’s tail or ears, and even hitting the dog – all of which can lead to human aggression. Avoid accidents by teaching your children how to treat your dog early, so that you will not see signs of aggression in the event of one poorly-timed ear-pull. In addition, make sure that you are always supervising your children when they are in contact with your Pit Bull, as it will give you the chance to correct any behaviors that could potentially lead to aggression.

Simply put, Pit Bulls are as safe to keep around children as any other breed of dog; they are no more aggressive towards humans than any other breed of dog, and can be just as calm and loving as one would expect from a breed that is considered to be more docile. However, much like any other breed of dog, Pit Bulls can get annoyed from improper treatment, and have been known to attack children when provoked.

This being said, these attacks usually only occur when the animal was mistreated, and they occur as a result of them wanting the mistreatment to stop. In order to keep your family safe around your Pit Bull or other dog, be sure that each member of the family knows the proper way to handle them, and that no children should be allowed to play with the animal without permission and supervision. By keeping with these practices, you can have yourself a happy, loving Pit Bull companion, while also minimizing the risk it may pose to children or other members of the family.

California Dog Bite Assistance

If your child has been attacked by a Pit Bull, or any other breed of dog, make sure to contact emergency personnel immediately to help ensure your child’s injuries are properly treated and the incident is documented. Although children may trigger certain responses from dogs, dog owners have a responsibility to warn or keep children away from their dog if they believe their dog may attack the child.

Those who need to pursue dog bite compensation in order to pay for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering amounting from these types of injuries should contact a Huntington Beach dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. There are time limits that must be adhered to in order to secure financial compensation.

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