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Home | Do I Have a Lawsuit if I was Bitten by a Dog, But Did Not Suffer Physical Injuries?
Dog Attacks
  December 8, 2014|  0 comments|  By jj

Dogs are wonderful pets. Most dogs are friendly. They enjoy attention from family members and from strangers alike. At the... (Read more)

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Fear of Dogs
  March 2, 2015|  0 comments|  By jj

Fear of dogs, also called “cynophobia”, is actually more common than you think. Although many people have phobias relating to... (Read more)

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dog bite attorney san diego
  June 11, 2015|  0 comments|  By jj

Dog bites can inflict serious injuries, including permanent facial scarring and infections that require hospitalization. Too many people believe that... (Read more)

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dog bite attorney in los angeles
  March 23, 2016|  0 comments|  By jj

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 80 million pet dogs belonging to families everywhere – and while... (Read more)

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