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Head trauma can easily cause collateral damage to a person’s life, but some situations come from medical negligence or another person’s mistake. Thankfully, we’re putting together some excellent tips regarding brain injuries and where medical negligence could come into play in regards to a person’s case. With this being said, here’s a look at different types of brain injuries and if medical negligence plays a part in your case.

Levels of Brain Injury

As all brain injuries are different, a few different categories of classification have been developed to determine which one an individual may be suffering from. Such brain injury classifications are:

  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (A Glasgow Coma Scale score of 13 through 15) – These brain injuries occur when a person loses consciousness for a few seconds or minutes. A test or scan of the brain will look normal, even if the client experienced confusion or dazing after the incident happened. These events are normally referred to as a concussion, which is a mild traumatic brain injury when the person’s thinking process was altered by an outside force for a slight moment.
  • Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (A Glasgow Coma Scale score of 9 through 12) – These brain traumas normally occur from a non-penetrating blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head. Although many overcome these injuries without trouble, some suffer permanent damage to their brain… whcih can result in disabling impairments. Such signs of a moderate traumatic brain injury would be a loss of consciousness that ranges from a few minutes to hours, a lasting confusion after the head trauma had taken place, or suffering from behavioral/physical/cognitive impairment that last for months. In worst cases, impairment can last permanently if treatment isn’t considered.
  • Severe Brain Injury – Severe Brain injuries are classified by crushing or penetrating blows to the head. As these injuries typically rip, tear, or crush delicate brain tissue, they are considered as some of the most life threatening types of injury. Since heroic precautions are required for severe brain injury recovery, hospitalization and rehabilitation may be needed to get an individual back to normal. Also referred to as TBIs, these head traumas can effect emotions, language, sensations, thinking. In addition to this, severe brain injuries can increase the risks of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Several TBI over a long period of time can cause serious neurological deficits… as several TBIs over a short period of time can become catastrophic and possibly fatal.

Brain Injury From Medical Negligence

With 1.4 million people suffering from brain injury a year, it may present the opportunity for one to be entitled or rewarded for an injury. In an instance whereas someone was at fault for the injury taking place or if the injury did not get the care and supervision it deserved, it may be possible to receive compensation for the long – and short – term issues that traumatic head injuries bring forward. Having treatment and recuperating can be very costly, so if someone was at fault for the injury… it may be time for us to help you receive the reward you deserve.

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