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According to the Pew Research Center, 95% of households in the United States own a cell phone of some type and 77% own a smartphone. For reference, in 2011, only 35% of households owned a smartphone. In a relatively short amount of time, human history has been irrevocably changed. In many instances, it is for the better. However, the downside to this newly found interconnectedness is that many people have become addicted to their cell phones. In fact, 50% of teens and 60% of college students admit to being addicted to their cell phones. With these statistics in mind, it is not hard to believe that texting and driving accidents account for a large number of accidents and fatalities. Logically, it is difficult to understand why someone would risk their life and the lives of others to read or respond to a text message. However, when people are addicted, logic can typically be thrown out of the window. If you have been in an accident involving a driver that was distracted by their cell phone, contact the attorneys at Timothy J Ryan & Associates to schedule your free consultation today.

Texting and Driving Statistics to Know

Texting and driving accidents are usually categorized as distracted driving. While there are many ways to be distracted while you are driving, cell phone use is one of the more common reasons for drivers taking their eyes off of the road. Listed below are some scary texting and driving accident statistics. Learning about the problem and how deadly it can be the first step in keeping our roads safer.

  • Each year, more than 3,100 people die nationally due to distracted driving.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that at any given time, nearly 500,000 Americans use their cell phones while driving during the day.
  • Teenagers aged 15 to 19 are the most likely group to be involved in a fatal texting and driving accident.
  • 390,000 injuries happen because of one or more drivers texting while operating their vehicle.
  • Nearly 25% of all accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.
  • Slightly more than 20% of teen driver fatalities were due to texting and driving.
Texting and Driving

Ways to Stop Your Teenager From Texting and Driving

Children are incredibly impressionable. Even before your child reaches the legal driving age, they are watching what you do while you drive. If you are usually distracted by text messages and social media when you are driving, your child will notice. Thus, it is recommended that you lead by example.  Additionally, clearly instruct your teenage driver to put their cell phones down while driving. You should not be texting or calling them while they are driving. Have a conversation with them about the deadly statistics associated with teen texting and driving accidents. Lastly, there are many apps on the market that will not allow your teen to text or talk on their phone unless the car is parked.

Signs of Cell Phone Addiction

Nearly 70% of adults sleep with their cell phone next to them. There has been no other widely accepted addiction in human history aside from coffee. There are many signs that show cell phone addiction. Some of the more apparent signs are listed below.

  1. The first thing that you do when you wake up is to reach for your cell phone.
  2. You become anxious and/or irritable if you do not have access to your cell phone.
  3. You find it difficult to decrease your use of your phone.
  4. You choose to text and drive, even though you know how dangerous it is.
  5. Family or friends often mention your increased cell phone use.

Texting and driving accidents can be prevented. However, the first step is to recognize any unhealthy relationships you have with your cell phone and take the appropriate steps to ensure that you do not cause or become a victim of a texting and driving accident.

What To Do If You Get Into An Accident Caused by a Texting Driver

After an accident has occurred, it is important that you check yourself for injuries as well as any others involved in the accident. Ensure that you get out of harm’s way if possible and get to a safe area. Exchange insurance information with others involved. Additionally, take pictures and collect evidence. When you speak with a police officer, be clear and honest. However, never admit fault. If you have sustained a personal injury due to a texting and driving accident, contact an experienced attorney and schedule your free consultation today.

Common Injuries Caused by Accidents

Injuries caused by texting and driving accidents happen at an alarming rate. As previously mentioned, almost 400,000 injuries occur due to a distracted driver texting. Some of the more common injuries include injury to your back, spinal cord, brain, head, etc. These injuries can wreak financial havoc on your life. Additionally, they can negatively impact your overall quality of life and your relationships. If you have been injured in an accident, it is important that you pursue your personal injury case quickly as there is a two-year statute of limitations on these types of cases. Additionally, over time memories fade and evidence can be lost.

Finding a Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

If you have a personal injury case, your likelihood of success can be determined by the experience and expertise of your lawyer. It is important to pay attention to online reviews and the experiences of others when choosing a personal injury attorney. Additionally, during your free consultation, it is recommended that you inquire about their experience with your specific set of circumstances. Also, be sure to ask about their trial experience. If you have recently been injured in a car accident, give the attorneys at Timothy J Ryan & Associates a call for your free consultation today.

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