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Because SUVs are heavier than regular cars, they cause more damage and have a higher chance of rolling over in accident-prone situations (involving driver behavior) and environments (things on the street). Some roadside studies show that more than 90% of rollovers occur when a vehicle runs off the road and strike something that “trips” it. The majority of mid-size SUVs are susceptible to rolling over.


Per Consumer Reports and the Department of Transportation, SUV rollover accidents account for only about 3% of motor vehicle accidents and yet, these 3% of accidents account for approximately 30% (nearly a third) of motor vehicle fatalities.

Unlike non-rollover accidents, rollover accidents involving SUVs force drivers or passengers to contend with the additional likely trauma of traumatic injuries, including those to the head and the injuries from being crushed under the weight of approximately 3 tons (6,000 pounds). In this respect alone, SUVs, while convenient and spacey vehicles, can also be incredibly dangerous. More often than one might think, carmakers fail to disclose potential safety hazards related to rollovers or when drivers decide to drive recklessly or negligently in SUVs thus leading to tragic collisions.

SUVs are often involved in accidents involving:

  • Instability Due to Poor Engineering
  • Increased Momentum Due to Weight
  • Tire Blowouts
  • Overly-tight Turning Radiuses
  • Roof Collapse (also called roof crush)

SUVs also tend to cause more property damage and harm to pedestrians, given their larger weight and size and the likeliness to roll over or skid along roads once a hit occurs.

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