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There are three main types of distractions for drivers according to the National Highway Traffic Administration:

  • Visual – when a driver takes their eyes off the road (texting)
  • Manual – when hands are off the steering wheel (grabbing something from the car floor)
  • Cognitive – When the driver is distracted (dog barking in the car)

Any activity that diverts the driver’s full attention when he’s driving is considered distracted driving. Some examples of distracted driving include:

  • Texting on phone
  • Talking on a cell phone without speaker or cord
  • Dropping food or other items and picking it up
  • Interacting with children or pets in the car
  • Eating and drinking in the car
  • Reading maps, newspapers or other printed materials
  • Watching a movie clip on our ever advancing mobile phones
  • Looking outside the vehicle at other accidents

Many accidents these days are caused by over-texting or stimulation on our mobile phones. Ironically a device that helps us be more connected is also the leading cause of distracted driving accidents in the US.


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