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Anaheim police have begun stepping up bike and pedestrian safety with immediate effect.

Over the upcoming several days spanning right into February, more officers will patrol areas that are prone to bicycle accidents and pedestrian crashes. Police are urging all motorists, bicycle riders and pedestrians to obey traffic laws.

These improvements come at a time when Anaheim has experienced numerous accidents involving bicycle and pedestrian crashes and at times with fatalities arising from the accidents. Over the past 3 years, police in Anaheim have investigated a total of 1,164 fatal accidents involving bicycle riders and pedestrians, and this is according to a news release.

Police will be on the lookout for speeding bicyclists, failing to follow stop signs, making illegal turns, failure to adhere to pedestrian crosswalks and various other violations. Bicyclists who disobey traffic laws and jaywalkers will be stopped and prosecuted. The Anaheim Police Department advises bicycle riders to wear cycling helmets and anyone below the age of 18 will be required to do so by law.

This safety enforcement program will be largely funded by the Office of Traffic Safety in California through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

How the Anaheim Police Department Will Increase Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Police Department Will Increase Bike and Pedestrian Safety

With immediate effect into the weeks running into February, Anaheim police will significantly increase bicycle and pedestrian with greater focus on collision causing factors which involve motorists, bicycle riders and pedestrians.

The number of officers patrolling areas that are prone to accident and collision crashes will be increased in efforts to reduce injury accidents and fatalities arising from crashes.

Police officers will be on look for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians who make traffic violations that can potentially lead to life altering accidents. More emphasis will be placed upon speeding drivers, those making illegal turns, failure to stop at signs and signals, failure to yield to pedestrian crosswalks and other precarious traffic violations.

Additional attention will be also placed on traffic violations that are encountered when pedestrians jaywalk or cross the street illegally or those failing to yield to drivers with right of way. Bike riders will stopped and issued with citations when they fail to comply with the same traffic laws applicable to motorists. Riders are strongly advised to wear helmets at all times, and those under the age of 18 are mandated to do so by law. Pedestrians are required to cross the street at designated points or only at corners.

Fatalities arising from bicycle and pedestrian accidents continue to soar in the state of California as an increasing number of people use these forms of transportation. In 2012 alone, California saw 124 bicycle riders and 612 pedestrians killed while in the same year 726 bicyclists and 4,743 pedestrians were killed nationally.

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