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You can’t plan for a car collision, and unfortunately, they tend to result in major life changing repercussions. Whether it’s a minor fender-bender or worse, you need to be able to keep your cool and take proper action. This can be extremely tough to do, but learning more about what you should do can make the process a little easier.

1. Safety First, Police Second

Obviously everyone’s health comes first. Wounds need to be identified and addressed, and ambulances need to be called if anyone was hurt. But even if they weren’t, call the police. No matter how small the accident seems, having the recorded details on file is necessary to ensure your rights are protected.

2.Make Sure Your Story Is Documented

This is a time to ask questions. The other person’s insurance, as much information as you can get of the police report, the officer name and badge number, etc. You should not sign anything unless you’ve thoroughly looked it over, and if you don’t feel of sound mind to review the details then let the police know.

Police can sometimes rush citizens. You might be their third accident of the hour, so their priorities are different than yours. Don’t let them pressure you, since any mistakes made and entered onto the report will be very difficult to have reversed.

3. Take Pictures

Documentation is everything, so if you can, take your own pictures. And take lots of them. It’s far better to delete them later than to not have them at all. You might catch an angle that the cops or insurance company missed. If any injuries or damages are sustained as a result of the accident, pictures will be evidence.

4. Don’t Admit Fault

Mum’s the word on this one, even if you do believe that you caused the accident. It can mean the world of difference for you in terms of the consequences for the accident. Until you can have a lawyer present to advise you on what to say, you’re much better off just pleading the 5th and just answering factual questions to the cop and other driver. Car accidents are difficult to remember. You may believe you are at fault when you’re not.

5. Contact an Attorney

Even if there are serious injuries sustained in a car accident, some people are tempted to avoid contacting an attorney. Many people make the mistake of believing that these situations don’t require an attorney. Unfortunately, this has resulted in countless families having to pay more money out of their pocket for medical expenses and related costs that they are no longer able to support themselves.

Insurance companies take advantage of this; they offer auto collision victims seemingly large settlement amounts before they have finished healing, and victims end up signing their future rights away for a fraction of the amount that they are entitled to.

Things can spiral out of control quickly with even minor accidents. You don’t know how the police, the insurance company or the other party will react, and mistakes and greed are both common. Having the right law firm on your side can drastically reduce your risk and help to ensure your family is protected from all future expenses.

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